"It all started 9 years ago when a friend told me to check it out. Paragliding that is, so I went to watch some pilots landing at the Woodrat, Oregon "LZ" or landing zone. I was impressed by the variety of the pilots, men and women of various ages and athletic abilities, each landing with a huge smile on their face. I decided to try a two day introduction to paragliding, and after about 15 minutes I was hooked. It has changed my life. I look at the sky differently, analyze the weather and admire the clouds as never before. I've taken my paraglider to exotic places to fly. I've had over 1500 flights, from 10 minute little gems to extended flights of 3 hours and more. I've shared the joy of flight through instructing and guiding other pilots and taking passengers on tandem paraglider flights.
If you have dreamed of flying, paragliding is the real deal. Give it a try, but be forwarned, it may change your life too!" Nick Crane

Do you dream of flying? When you were a child, did you ever imagine you could just spread your arms and take off into the air? Paragliding is the most intimate form of flight. Sure it involves more than just spreading your arms and taking off, but with the proper training and equipment your paraglider literally gives you wings and you can fly!
Nick Crane is an Advanced Paragliding Instructor certified by USHPA, the US Hangliding and Paragliding Association. He teaches paragliding in Oregon and the Shasta valley. In winter Nick teaches and leads paragliding tours in beautiful and exotic Costa Rica.

We offer you either a two day introduction to paragliding for you to “test the air” and be sure paragliding is for you, or a full training program leading to your initial P-2 paragliding pilot rating. We also offer further workshops, guiding and training for advancing and experienced pilots with training through your P-3 and P-4 levels.
PARACRANE offers a full complement of new and used paragliding gear to suit your budget. Go to
Niviukwest and Apcowest for paragliding equipment information and sales through our unique webstores.

The sky is not the limit. Dream, try, fly!